JDBC Sample Application


Here you will find a JDBC sample, test and benchmark program. I wrote it to compare two pure JAVA SQL-databases (Enydra's InstantDB and the HSQL-DB). It also demonstrates database-system independent programming. The program should work equally well with any other JDBC-enabled database.

Resources on the web

JDBC is part of the JDK. You will find a JDBC-tutorial at http://java.sun.com.

InstantDB is available from http://instantdb.enhydra.org and HSQL-DB is available from http://hsqldb.sourceforge.net.

Sample Code

My sample code won't teach you JDBC, but will give you an impression how simple it is to use it.

You can download the source tarball jdbc-samples-3-src.tgz (about 17Kb). Compilation should be no problem. See the file README for details.

Recent Changes

Please read the file ChangeLog in the distribution for additional information.
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